Statement, Bio and Exhibitions

 I am an Internationally recognised artist. This year by the World of Art Magazine I was selected into the Art book as one of the "Top 10 Contemporary Artists 2023"     Since 2013 I have been living and creating in the United Kingdom. I was born in Lithuania in 1962, I finished A. Martinaitis Art Schoo; and Art  Academy.                 My art specifically included stage’s projects, mural paintings, together with 22 solos and 72 group exhibitions in Europe; Spain, Italy,  Portugal, Switzerland,France, Lithuania, Hungary, Poland, also in  England, Canada, Japan and the  United States. I am actively participating in the online exhibitions with the HMVC New York Gallery on the the Biafarin webste. I was born in Lithuania, in 1962; I finished A. Martinaitis Art School and Academy of Art/

In the creating process I use different medias: oil on canvas, acrylic on canvas, collages and mixed media; oil pastels, acrylic, watercolours on paper.. At this moment my style is Abstrac Figurative. I am always aiming at the resemblance. I am observing the nature and objects and transfering into the canvas by signs.My favourite technique is collages, as a background I use mirrors, wood, textile, photos and at the final stage I am finishing with oil colours, The picture's physical body juxtaposes and suffuses it veritably forming jazz of the visual performance.   Five years ago, I was impressed and inspired by the forms of houses in the shape of shoes and rare types of orchids, in order to achieve particular expressions and to show the inner and the spirit of the object I stilize t and reshape he forms of the nature by simplifying in my unique way.  Inspirations come from outside the world:  travels, books, music, nature and from inside, meditations, eternity, and immortality.

Only in 2018, when I participated in the Art Expo New York,  I created my  website  in English language and became  more visible around the globe.  Since 2018 I received several recognitions. In 2019 by the International Art Market Magazine, I was selected to be on the Gold List as one of the Top Artists of Today. In the Fusion Art Gallery 3rd Annual Colors Exhibition I got an Honorable Mention  Award. In January 2020 in Florence, I was awarded the 3rd International Leonardo Da Vinci Prize and in September 2020  awarded the New York City Prize. My artworks selected into  Art Anthologies "Important World Artist 2020". and "International Contemporary Masters 2021" the publisher is "Artavita". US. My artworks included into books "The Great Masters of Contemporary Art" and "Best 2021 Modern and Contemporary Artists". In 2021 I was awarded by the Dante Alighieri International Prize" In June 2022 in New York I was awarded the ATIM'S TOP 60 Masters Award and in July - Collector's Choice Award. In New York the Trend Magazine discribe my artworks as the latests trends. Also, my artworks included into the Art Anthology V Madrid Edition and into the book "La Biennale di Venezia 2022, in this book curators of the World of Art Magazine selected 74 influential contemporary artists to watch and collect. In 2023 my artworks was selected into the books "Excellent Art" or "Exzellence Kuns", Germany. and "Voices of Tomorrow 2023" Also, I was awarded with the International Art Award "Collectors Art Prize" this award is to the artists who created exceptional and thought provoking work that pushes boundaries of their medium and engages with significant social and cultural issues.

Recent exhibitions: 

24th - 25th November 2023 FIABCN Art Fair, Marítim Museum, Barcelona, Spain

14th - 22nd October 2023  - group exhibition "Florence Biennale 2023 

9th - 22 June 2023 - group exhibition at the Medina Art Gallery, Rome, organized by  theITSLIQUID Group

12th - 30th May 2023 " - Borders Art Fair, at Palazzo Abrizzi Capelo, Venice, organizers -ITLIQUID group.
1st  - 10 th December 2022  - group's exhibition "Elysian" in the Santana Art Gallery, Madrid.
18th - 22nd November 2022 - group's exhibition  in the European Museum of Modern Art in the Bienal DeArte Barcelona.
24th - 29th October 2022 with the Rossocinabro Art Gallery I participated in the Rome Art Week.                                                                                         16th - 29th September 2022  - Rome International Art Fair, Medina Art Gallery Rome, curated by the ITSLIQUID group.                                                       9th - 15th  August 2022 - group's exhibition "We are reversal" , Palazzo Pisani,the Musa Pavilion, the curator is Musa International Art Space.                16th June - 6th July 2022  - group's exhibition "Visions", Palazzo BemboI, Venice, curated by the ITSLIQUID group the ANIMA MUNDI project.                  12th May - 3rd June 2022 group exhibition "Consciousness "", Palazzo Bembo, curated by ITSLIQUID group. Venice.                                                        5thJune - 3rd July 2022 - group's exhibition in thein Rossocinabro Art Gallery, Rome.  Florence Contemporary Gallery online.                                            12th - 15th May 2022 - The Other Art Fair presented by Saatchi Art, Dallas, United States.                                                                                                   2nd February- 2nd March 2022 - Online Solo Exhibition on the websire                                                                                                      13th February - 23st July "Butterfly Effect" online exhibition curated by the Contemporary Art Curator Magazine.                                                                   2nd January  - 11th March 2022   on ARTSY Art platform,the  curator - Art Screen TV, Switzerland.                                                                                       24th - 26th April 2020  - group's exhibition "Woman's Essence in collaboration with UNESCO, curated by the Musa International Art Space, Rome, Italy.   10th - 30th January  2020  - group's exhibition "Vydene Formy" Prague, Czech Republic.                                                                                                    17th - 30th December 2019  - group's exhibition,Colorida  Art Gallery, Lisbon, Portugal.                                                                                                           19th January - 20 February 2019 -  Curat10n 2019 Online  Exhibition.                                                                                                                           22nd May - 3rd June  2018 - group's exhibitions "Symbiosis, Espacio Art Gallery, London.                                                                                                     24 May - 21 June 2018 - Online 5th Annual Leaves & Petals Exhibition, Fusion Art Gallery, California. 2019.  5th Figures & Faces Exhibition 2019             20th - 22nd July 2018  Parallax Art Fair, London, United Kingdom.                                                                                                                                     6th - 8th April 2018. New York ArtExpo, United States.                                                                                                                                                           5th March - 1st April 2018 -  exhibition in London, Katakata Art Space.            ;                                                                                                                15th December 2017  - 17th January 2018 - Solo Exhibition "Whispers of immortality", "Tecton" Art Gallery, Milton Keynes, United Kingdom.                       30th September - 8th October 2017 - Milton Keynes Art Week.

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In my creative process I use different medias: oil on canvas, acrylic on canvas, collages, mixed media; oil pastels, acrylic, watercolors on paper. 
I am observing nature and objects and transferring into the canvas by signs. I am aiming at the resemblance.
A few sentences about my artwokrs by  the art curator and art critic Salvatore Russo. "We understand the great complexity of Luana Stebule's art through the visual labyrinths that artist creates. Her painting is learned and extremely effective painting.Her works are comparable to the tablets of the law, and thus profess their truths; truth that thanks to the perspective geometry are able to seduce the bystander who can help but observe the landscapes of light painted the artist, all this rigorous silence and with great devotion"

Recent exhibitions: 1st - 10 December 2022 I participated in the group's exhibition "Elysian", Santana Art Gallery, Madrid. Spain.
18th - 22nd November 2022  - Bienal De Arte Barcelona, European Museum of Modern Art, Barcelona, Spain.                                                                              9th - 15th August 2022 - group's exhibition "We Are Reversal", Musa Pavilion, Palazzo Pisani- Revedin, curated by the Musa International Art Space.    16thJune - 6th July 2022 - Anima Mundi  project, exhibition "Visions", curated by the ITSLIQUID group. Venice, Italy.                                                                     10th June - 8th July 2022 - the International group's  exhibition "Una visione un po differente" Rossocinabro Art Gallery, Rome, Italy.                                              12th - 15th May 2022 - presented by Saatchi Art,  The Other Art Fair, Dallas United States.US.                                                                                                13th February - 23rd July 2022 -  Online exhibition "Buterfly Effect" 2022 by the Contemporary Art Curator Magazine.                                                                 17th - 19th June 2022  - Online group's exhibition curated  by the Art Screen TV on ARTSY.                                                                                                           24th - 26th April  2020 - group's exhibition  "Woman's Essence 2020" in collaboration with UNESCO, Center Bologna, Palazzo Torfanni, Italy.               10th - 30th January - group exhibition "Vydene Formy", HYB4 Gallery, Prague, Czech Republic.                                                                                                                 In 2019 I participated in exhibitions; Spectrum Miami, Florida, US, Colorida Art Gallery, Lisbon, Spain, Curat10n 2019, 5th Annual Leaves & Petals Exhibition, 5th Figures & Faces Exhibition, 3rd Annual Colors Exhibition, Fusion Art Gallery, California, Swiss Art Expo, Zurich, Switzerland, Parallax Art Fair, England.

Oil paintings and collages

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Mural paintings

A diversity of contemporary artworks

 In the creative process I use different media: oil on canvas, acrylic on canvas, collages, also mixed techniques: watercolours, oil pastels, acrylic on paper.

 In order to achieve the particular expression and to show the inner and the spirit of the object, I stylize, reshape  forms of the nature in my own, unique way.. Creative thought is then applied to provide provocative inspirational atmosphere. The majority of my current artworks are multi- layered, some artworks combine versatility and minimalism. Creativity is more that just being different, everyone is able to reproduce weird paintings.



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In the pandemic period my style has changed entirely. I have got new inspirations from my observation and thoughts about humanity, family, friendship, never ending life and I created a human's figures, faces and movement by a never ending "mobius" style stripe. The smooth line is dancing up and down, to left and right and creates victorious of the life.

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